What’s Next for Jasper Street?

The Jasper Street team thanks the 350+ of you who came out on October 20th to celebrate Japer Street Fest with us! We hope that there was a little something for everyone – good music, good food, bounce houses, face paint, and more! Everyone got into the spirit of Jasper Street Fest and shared their ideas, challenges, and hopes for the future of Jasper Street.

What did we learn?

There were some major themes that came up during Jasper Street Fest:

  • Slow traffic down. We heard this again and again at Jasper Street Fest. Folks want to see the speed of cars decrease on Jasper Street, and to make the corridor safer and more inviting for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit user.
  • Beautify the area and repair dilapidated homes. Home improvement projects and re-use of vacant homes were a top priority for residents.
  • Spaces that benefit the community are needed – community gardens, neighborhood coffee shops, grocery stores – are something that residents want to see more of.
  • Safe places for kids to be kids. Splash pads, new playgrounds, community centers, and sports facilities were all popular topics.
  • Residents indicated that they are hungry for vibrant, exciting spaces for people to gather – ideas like food truck plazas; colorful parks and playgrounds; and places to relax, sit, and talk with your neighbors were all highly ranked.

Feedback highlights

“I wish there was neighborhood-owned grocery store.”

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE on jasper street?

“Peace in the neighborhood. People coming together like today.”


“SAFETY. Nothing is possible without safety.
Safer passage for bicyclists and pedestrians.”

What would make jasper street a better place?

What’s next for Jasper Street?

While we get to work reviewing all your feedback and planning upcoming outreach events, we need your help to get the word out and make your voice heard. Drop a few ideas on our comment map, tell a neighbor about JasperConnect.org, and maybe even submit an inspiration photo for your dream Jasper Street.

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